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The time for change, is now. We have an incredible opportunity to make an impact on this earth. To shape the future of humanity. To take the way we've been doing things for too long and finally do them differently. 

Carbon Upcycling Technologies was founded with a curious spirit and a determined vision: to create a world where carbon is a sustainable resource to shape the future of humanity.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: take the waste of today and use it to build a better tomorrow. The impact we've collectively make on our environment in the last 75 years is all of our responsibility. As a planet, our carbon emissions are 100 times more than the weight of humanity. That's 34 billion tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere every single year. These are levels not seen in hundreds of thousands of years.  

Flashback to 2012 when Apoorv Sinha met Greg Boser and with cautious curiosity, they realized that most of the pathways to carbon utilization were deduced in the 80's, or even earlier. None of these solutions offered the speed or scalability required to significantly affect the trend of CO2 emissions and it became our lifelong passion to find new ways to recycle carbon and really make an impact.

We started Carbon Upcycling Technologies to take responsibility for the carbon we, as a human race, have put into this atmosphere. It couldn't wait one more moment. The time is now. We develop real life solutions to utilize carbon as a resource today. 

We focus on innovation, we have been pushing the boundaries in some of the largest industries in the world like construction, pharmaceuticals, plastic production and batteries. 

We've created versatile and high-performing solutions to carbon utilization that have made sustainability easy, and that can be implemented today making significant impact on this earth. 

We believe in diversity.

We believe in integrity.

We believe in innovation.

We believe in curiosity.

We believe accelerating change...together.


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