Our materials are enhanced with CO2 resulting in property enhancements and a sustainable impact. We offer a variety of thermosets, thermoplastics and resins

Past Use Cases

Eavestrough cover 



PEN-100 is a 33.33% black masterbatch polyethylene nucleating agent. It is used to enhance barrier performance, to provide pigment leveling, and to reduce cycle time and warpage.

Property Enhancements

Melt index 190°C / 2.16kg

Compatible with all grades of polyethylene

Lowers frost line of blow-extruded films


Current Collaborations

Accelerator program to develop our work with Thermosets and Thermoplastics

University labs and professors collaborating with us to test and verify property enhancments

1% - 3% of CO2

in Material by Mass


Additional Plastic Materials

We are continuously expanding our portfolio of nanoparticle additives and invite open collaboration for the following materials. 

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