Low Carbon Concrete Commercial Deployment

Carbon Upcycling Technologies successfully completed our first commercial deployment by filling 22 foundational screw piles. With the support from our local partner Burnco, we ran a study comparing the strength, workability, and air entrainment of a standard 25 MPa concrete mix design. One mix contained a raw (untreated) fly ash and the other had CUT-treated, CO2-embedded fly ash. The CO2 Enhanced Fly Ash showed double-digit compressive strength improvements over the control at 7 days (~20%) and we anticipate equally promising results at 28 days. We will be publishing a detailed project case study in the coming weeks.

Interested in testing our materials in your own low-carbon project? We are available to scope out more projects with contractors, ready-mix facilities, individuals, architects, manufacturers and designers.

Contact Natalie Giglio at natalie@carbonupcycling.com #carbonupcycling #CO2 #carbontech #cleantech #commercial #concrete #lowcarbon #results #XPrize

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