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Through collaborations with university and research institutes across the globe, CUT explored the performance of its additives through third-parties that host professional expertise specifically targeted to our applications.

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Property Enhancements

Adhesives 2.jpg
  • Increased lap shear strength

  • Increased pull-off strength

  • Excellent dispersion


Solar Panels

Property Enhancements

Solar Panels 2.jpg
  • Easy-to-apply spray coating

  • 1-1.5% yield increase through UV downshifting

  • Biodegradable safe materials

Lithium Ion Batteries

Property Enhancements

Batteries 2.jpg

Use Cases 

  • Increased capacity retention

  • Reduced float charge

Tested with Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO) batteries 

Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery

Property Enhancements

Use Cases 

Pharmaceutical 2.jpg

Proven compatibility with cancer drugs

  • Enhanced drug delivery

  • Low toxicity

  • High surface area


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