Concrete and Plastics

Our additives are enhanced with CO2 resulting in enhancement properties and a sustainable impact that have versatile applications 

Talc Powder

Property Enhancements


Our reactors exfoliate the surface of the talc powder allowing for the gaseous CO2 to be absorbed at a molecular level 

Stabilizes sequestered CO2 to high temperatures

Minimal particle size reduction

40% increase in compressive strength

Higher workability 

No effect on air entrainment 

Current Collaborations

Ideation and creation of yoga mat with embedded CO2

5% - 10% CO2 in Material by Mass

Recommended Applications

Yoga Mats


Use Cases

Past Use Cases

IPI Creations - rings and necklace pendants

Graphitic Nanoplatelets (GNPs)

Graphite_Powder CUT.jpg

GNPs are unique graphitic nanoplatelets, comprising small stacks of graphene, platelet-like sheets.  GNPs contains fine powders with a similar average platelet thicknesses, surface areas, carbon/oxygen ratios, and CO2 uptake.

Property Enhancements

Improves nucleation

Improves tensile properties

Functionalized with silane, titante, and non-polar from groups

5% - 10% of CO2 in Material by Mass

Current Collaborations

University professors and labs testing GNPs in an intensive research program

Seeking industry partners and pilot programs to test and verify property enhancements  

Incinerator Fly Ash

Yellowstone Powder



Kaolin Clay


ETP Nucleator

Olivine Powder



Additional Materials

We are continuously expanding our portfolio of nanoparticle additives and invite open collaboration for the following materials 

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