Commercial Concrete Deployment

Our local concrete partner, Burnco, has been instrumental in testing and validating our enhanced additives. Recently, we completed a field trial where we tested two concrete mix designs with our enhanced fly ash that were used to pour the screw piles of our next reactor.

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Enhanced Fly Ash 

Want concrete to be more sustainable?

Our enhanced fly ash can easily inserted in your supply chain and we are actively collaborating with ready-mix plants, contractors, designers, and architects on pilot projects.  

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We are hard at work with our scaling up our demonstration work before the competition wraps up in November 2020. Currently we are commissioning our largest reactor to date that will produce 8-tonnes of material per day.

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Waste of Today, Building Tomorrow 

Product Applications


We offer a range of high-performance concrete additives can be added into any mix design with ease. 

  • Fly Ash

  • Slag

  • Crushed Glass

  • Talc

  • And More


We offer a range of high-performance plastic additives that reduce cycle times and improve barrier performance 

  • Polyethylene 

  • Polypropylene 

  • Polyurethane 

Corrosion Coatings

We offer an enhanced alpha-carbon corrosion coating that has a rapid cure time and superior protective properties. 

Consumer Products

Our materials can be used to make consumer goods more sustainable without compromising on performance or finish!

  • Carbon Coasters

  • Concrete Watches

  • Yoga Mats

  • Jewelry 

  • Paints 

  • And More

Awarded to 1000 solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way

Competing as a Top 10 Finalist 

Results: November 2020


Our proprietary, patented technology chemically adsorbs CO  emissions into exfoliated inorganic solids to create a portfolio of fine nanoparticles. Per tonne of product, our technology sequesters sizable quantities of CO  and has been proven stable during temperature tests



How our technology works

Step 1

Place powder feed stocks in reactor

Step 2

Pressurize with gaseous CO2


Nanoparticle additives for commercial applications



Fly Ash


CUT Team

Our team has been dedicated to making CO  green 



We are fortunate to have the support of leading universities and knowledge organizations that support our determination to find innovative and practical ways to create a circular economy through the sequestration of CO2



We are honoured to accept these awards. They have been instrumental in helping us work towards a carbon negative future

South Summit

“Virtual South Summit in Sustainability is a digital joint initiative created by South Summit and IE University that will gather all the top players in the industry. It will include content with the best professionals in the sector and a Startup Competition in which the most disruptive startups will share their projects in front of top notch investors and corporates.”

The Urban Future Prize

“ The top 10 finalists of the Urban Future Prize Competition compete for two $50,000 prizes - the New York Community Trust Vision Prize and the New York Community Trust Impact Prize. Listen and learn as these 10 startups pitch their market-ready solutions to climate change.”

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